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Striving to make the Malvern Hills accessible to all and put the Great back into Great Malvern, Malvern for All Limited is a Not for Profit Company intending to affiliate to Social Enterprise U.K. and subscribing to the values of community involvement.



Following the company’s participation at Business Expo and the Malvern Festival of Innovation in October 2015 Malvern for All Limited have taken into account the full range of opinions on the future shape of the Cable Car Project.

The result is a revised proposal for a Malvern Science and Technology Centre and Observatory, fulfilling all the advantages of the original scheme and bringing to the town an exciting visitor attraction which celebrates Malvern’s contribution to British society, past, present and looking to the future. A commemorative and educational experience of significant value to the general public.

The Malvern Hills and Commons.

The Malvern Hills have been described as a mountain range in miniature; the eight mile ridge contains some of the oldest rocks in Britain and their craggy outline is reminiscent of the uplands further west into Wales. A walk in the Hills is strenuous enough that Mallory walked here in preparation for his ascent of Everest. Today you can enjoy over 3000 acres of open countryside climbing to the highest point at Worcestershire Beacon or relax whilst quietly rambling along the wooded slopes.

The Mission.

To promote the design, construction and operation of a cable car from the town of Great Malvern to the summit of The Worcestershire Beacon having due regard to the Hills’ status as an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (A.O.N.B.) and a Site of Special Scientific Interest (S.S.S.I.)

To employ imaginative use of architectural and engineering processes to provide access to the Hills for all, at the same time protecting the flora and fauna by the sympathetic summit construction incorporating ecologically sound principles.

To operate the cable car in a manner conducive to best practice in employee relations and to the highest standards of customer service and health and safety.

To engage with all interested parties and the public at large to provide a community asset in which the people of Malvern can take great pride and in doing so promote Malvern and the wider area around as a major tourist destination. To this end Malvern for All Limited (MFAL) will engage with the operators of tourist attractions in Herefordshire and Worcestershire in a joint marketing approach for the benefit of the entire area.

In the Beginning.

Old Cafe at the Beacon, MalvernBeacon cafeBeacon cafe 2

The original plan for a cable car from Great Malvern to the Worcestershire Beacon was first proposed by Conservators in 1962. There was a need to improve access to the Hills for those people who would not normally be able to make the climb. There was also a need to attract more visitors to Great Malvern. The current proposal follows the same route as the 1962 plan from Rushey Valley to just below the Beacon.

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The Base Station.

The base station will act as the starting point, including ticket sales, tourist information and a loading and disembarking point. The area between the Wells Road and Foley Terrace will be used as a coach/disabled drop off point. The base station will provide information on local businesses, tourist destinations and provide a key link into Great Malvern to promote visitors to explore and discover what Malvern has to offer.

The Top Station.

Situated just a short distance from the summit of the Beacon the top station will offer amazing panoramic views as far as the eye can see. The design will be based on sound ecological principles and the use of appropriate materials, embodied in an innovative and aesthetically pleasing construction. Featuring outside areas which will allow easy movement of visitors, great views and a chance to sit down. There will be provision for male and female toilets together with baby changing and disabled facilities. This in addition to a café, a customer service desk and first aid/security facility.

The 4 Big Reasons.

Education and Culture

A comprehensive educational programme is under development combining learning and education with a practical visit to the cable car to examine all aspects of the project’s design construction and operation. In line with the National Curriculum Key Stages. Designed to develop a high level of interest in the overall project the programme will present pupils with a valuable perspective of the Malvern Hills and their part in the history and culture of our country. An opportunity for secondary school pupils to enjoy a practical day out that will bring the many aspects of the cable car operation to life. Including the project’s initial conception, design, construction and architectural and engineering parameters in science based presentation.


The project offers the very real prospect of worthwhile jobs on proper contracts. A bonus in today’s labour market. The positions require a high degree of customer service and health and safety awareness and employment may be offered outside the operating season for maintenance and refurbishment. It is envisaged that some 60 permanent positions will be created on the project itself with a similar number of full time positions created directly in associated businesses, together with a general increase in employment opportunities in the area resulting from the increased number of tourist visitors.


Not only for disabled people but also the very large number of people for whom the walk to the summit is impossible. The project aims to provide fair access to this great area of natural beauty for all. We strongly believe everyone should be able to enjoy the hills and reach the summit of the Beacon. We will provide this opportunity as well as promote awareness of the importance of access for everyone. With the added benefits of the facilities at the summit not only will one be able to reach the summit but also rest assured one will be able to enjoy the experience in safety and comfort.


The project offers the opportunity for the Malvern area, through the anchor feature of the cable car and other local tourist attractions to present a rival destination to such successful and acclaimed attractions as The Eden Project and The Snowdon Visitor Centre. The project will help promote the area, entice tourists, create new jobs, and increase footfall to local businesses in the Malvern area. It is for the individual businesses to respond in their own way to exploit this significant opportunity.

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Join Us and Help the Project!

The proposers of the project intend to engage with members of the public and all interested parties who may have a positive role to play in the project. This includes The Conservators, the Town, District and County Councils, and all organisations and agencies who may be affected. The proposers intend to engage with the public and affinity groups in the formulation of the operation of the cable car. The proposers invite all interested parties including the tourism promotion agencies to join with them in this venture to secure jobs, fair access to The Hills and greater prosperity for Malvern and the wider area. In addition there are valuable opportunities for education in all aspects of the cable car project in line with the national curriculum.

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Malvern for All Limited is a Not for Profit Company intending to affiliate to Social Enterprise U.K. and subscribing to the values of community involvement.

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