Malvern’s Twin Town, Marianske Lazne.

The company recognises the hard work put in over the last four years to develop the partnership between Malvern and the “twin town” of Marianske Lazne in the Czech Republic.

Marianske Lazne.

The Czech town, also known as Marienbad, is one of the world’s foremost spas and has a strong connection with British Royalty going back over many years. In fact the golf club is known as Royal Golf Club Marianske Lazne by permission of our Queen who consented to the title in 2006. Diners at the club are looked over by large portraits of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and King Edward VII who was a frequent visitor to Marianske Lazne and accorded the town the description of the most beautiful place on earth.
The partnership is one between the Town Councils of the twin towns and operates without financial assistance from public funds in the interest of international co-operation. In July 2015 a 30+ strong Childrens’ Choir will be visiting Malvern to perform at the Opening Ceremony of Civic Week on Saturday 11th July and at further events over the next few days.

Malvern’s Twin Town.

Malvern’s twin town, Marianske Lazne (Marienbad) lies within a forested area known as the Kaiserwald (Emperor’s Forest), straddling the German/Czech border, and similar in many respects to the Malvern Hills. It is a protected area which has successfully embraced eco tourism and has provided facilities so that thousands of visitors can enjoy walking, cycling and skiing in this most beautiful part of the world. A cable car transports skiers in the winter and walkers in the summer to the summit of a local mountain, allowing the whole community, including the less mobile, access. Across the nearby border with Upper Bavaria there are also many such installations. Several new projects are under development.

A little outside the town lies the Kladska Park nature reserve, teeming with animal, tree and plant life. Here the authority charged with protecting the area has constructed a boardwalk around the large central lake. This is popular with visitors throughout the year and there has been some carefully controlled development of hotels and restaurants within the forest. All in all it’s been a successful example of homo sapiens living in harmony with other wildlife. Large numbers of visitors enjoy viewing the deer, wild boar, lynx and the natural habitat of the protected Arnica flower used in homeopathic remedies and harvested here under strictly controlled conditions. An abundance of unspoilt Bohemian towns in the area all have their own protected areas, and yet they also manage to welcome visitors with the provision of up to date transport facilities. Trams, trolley buses and cable cars for example.
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The proposers of the project intend to engage with members of the public and all interested parties who may have a positive role to play in the project. This includes The Conservators, the Town, District and County Councils, and all organisations and agencies who may be affected. The proposers intend to engage with the public and affinity groups in the formulation of the operation of the cable car. The proposers invite all interested parties including the tourism promotion agencies to join with them in this venture to secure jobs, fair access to The Hills and greater prosperity for Malvern and the wider area. In addition there are valuable opportunities for education in all aspects of the cable car project in line with the national curriculum.

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