BUSINESS EXPO. Thursday 8th October 2015.

Three Counties Showground, Malvern


Malvern for All Limited are pleased to announce the company’s participation

at Business Expo. Members of the company will be in attendance throughout

and will be pleased to answer all questions. The project visualisation and gondola

models will be available.

Business Expo is an initiative of Herefordshire and Worcestershire Chamber of Commerce.

PRESS REPORT – August 2015

The Malvern Cable Car Project was discussed at a meeting of the Tourism and Leisure Group of The Worcestershire Business Board in July 2015.

Held at the Kidderminster offices of Wyre Forest District Council the event was hosted by Herefordshire and Worcestershire Chamber of Commerce.

Malvern for All Limited presented details of all aspects of the cable car project with particular reference to the issue of access to the summit of The Worcestershire Beacon in the light of existing legislation and the latest guidelines and recommendations concerning fair access for all including those people with mobility and disability issues.

Research by the company over the last twelve months has revealed that around half of the population are prevented by health and mobility issues from enjoying the iconic panorama from the Beacon summit. This figure is similar to findings by Historic England in their publication “Easy Access to Historic Landscapes”.

The summit station featured on the Malvern for All website has been described as “world class” and “iconic” by observers including architects who have recommended that such a potentially important building should be put out to an architectural competition. Aesthetic and environmental issues are seen as paramount in the design of any such facility.

The company will be holding a series of meetings for the public from October onwards. Starting with Business Expo at the Three Counties Showground on October 8th. Maximum public engagement is welcomed.

Troyte Griffith


The cable car visualisation is a starting point for discussion and not a fait accompli. To illustrate this we present details of an alternative scheme for the development of the bottom cable car station on Wells Road.

Based on a 1870s drawing by Troyte Griffith, the architect friend of Sir Edward Elgar and designer of the toposcope at the summit of the Worcestershire Beacon, the classic design features a central cupola which could accommodate the mechanics and departure point of the cable car. Troyte Griffith and Elgar were technical adventurers who shared a love of cars, bicycles and other mechanical devices.

Rather like the project for the Reichstag building in Berlin by British architect Norman Foster, it is possible to incorporate new ideas with old in one harmonious and practical construction. A building from the past can incorporate successfully inspiration from the present. The modern glass dome of the Reichstag building could be emulated by the cupola of the Troyte Griffith design.

Depending on the size of the final building the long discussed Malvern Hills Visitor Centre and the Spa element of the Troyte Griffith design could be incorporated in one harmonious construction adding an exciting new architectural feature for Malvern.

The Great Orme

The Great Orme

A team from Malvern for All Ltd. promoters of the Malvern Cable Car Project are studying the effects of sustainable tourism at The Great Orme at Llandudno, an area which bears many similarities to the Malvern Hills.

Like the Malvern Hills, The Great Orme headland is a Site of Special Scientific Interest (S.S.S.I.) and part of Britain’s Heritage Coast, somewhat similar to the Hills designation as an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. (A.O.N.B.)

The Great Orme is home to a huge and protected collection of seabird colonies, and rare flora and fauna, including the extremely rare Wild Cotoneaster of which only six plants are thought to exist, all of them on the headland. The working farms on the headland are owned by The National Trust and grazed by Kashmiri sheep introduced during Victorian times.

Unlike the Malvern Hills, those responsible for protecting the Great Orme welcome visitors. Since 1969 a cable car, the longest in Great Britain, has transported visitors one mile to the summit café. A cable operated tramway installed in 1901 and the oldest working tramway in the U.K. using the original carriages, provides an alternative and very popular means of access.

The elegant resort of Llandudno and the Great Orme combine to provide the visitor with a top quality and attractive leisure destination.

The stated aim of the Malvern Hills Conservators Chairman is that “The Conservators do not wish to encourage further visitors on to the Hills”. The company feels that this statement is inimical to the provisions of The Equality Act 2010 and grossly unfair to that half of Britain’s population who are unable to enjoy the Hills to their full extent.

The company’s members liaise with the team at The Great Orme who are responsible for keeping the harmonious relationship between nature and visitors. They are also talking to the operators of the facilities which encourage visitors to the headland about the challenges of operating in this iconic area visited by many thousands each year. A feature of the area is a working camera obscura, an early photographic device, which was also a feature of the first café at the summit of the Worcestershire Beacon. The company hopes to obtain sponsorship for the construction of a full size replica of the Malvern device and would welcome any information on the subject which would assist in realising the idea.

Visit the Great Orme Website

Link to Article in Malvern Gazette here

PRESS REPORT – 20TH February 2015


The Board have now reviewed the meeting held by the Conservators on Thursday 12th February. We were disappointed that the tone of the meeting was rather negative and the presentation contained some incorrect information, had a very polarised focus and provided no opportunity to explore any possible options or alternatives.
We would have preferred that there should have been a secret ballot. However, we sympathise with the Board of the Conservators in that they had not been able to discuss the proposal beforehand and could hardly have been expected to vote in any other way. We think that the Conservators should continue their discussions particularly in the light of the fact that they are a publicly funded body and have responsibilities to the Charity Commissioners. We think that they will find that the Malvern Hills Acts are out of date and will need updating by Parliament – which will give them the opportunity to address the question of improved access.
The fundamental purpose behind Malvern for All is to act in the best interest of the Town, its communities and visitors, to identify and facilitate the best solution to rejuvenate the town’s businesses, wider economy and employment and wellbeing of its residents. It is a Not for Profit organisation focused on benefiting the town. Based on the original work carried out by High Street Malvern and its partners, the cable car project was seen as the means to achieve these aims. We welcome the feedback received from all who have contributed to this debate over recent months and weeks and this has been instructive in terms of how Malvern for All will move forwards, working with a wide range of local stakeholders and the public to try and identify the best solution for the Town.
This is likely to involve:

  • By obtaining a formal legal opinion on the Malvern Hills Acts
  • By re-focusing on different options and solutions for rejuvenating Malvern – driven by the community and stakeholders, looking at all the options so that they can be explored and developed openly and in public;
  • Engaging with the three Councils as well as other agencies such as the Chamber of Commerce, local businesses, the Conservators, Natural England, AONB Board, the Malvern community and the Local Enterprise Partnership;
  • Making sure that all possible solutions are in line with relevant legal and policy frameworks from the outset and we have support from the District Council.
  • Working on the need for appropriate funding for the project.

We aim to engage with organisations and the community later in the year to explore how we can best achieve the aspirations of the Town, its people and businesses.

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